Implementation of operational excellence for productivity improvement and cost reduction in Yarn manufacturing Company

The company

One of the largest yarn manufacturers in Hyderabad and among few company’s in India manufacturing 100% cotton ring spinning yarn.

Problem Statement

Lower productivity, higher operational cost and quality complaints. Lack of effective management control system and poor motivational level in workforce

Approach by Minton

  • Implementation of robust management control system
  • Designed and implemented KPIs for all the workforce based on the balanced score card. Starting from MD and then aligning for each function
  • Implementation of process optimization tools and systems for reduction in quality defects and cost control
  • Robust audit mechanism to ensure behavioral change and ensure sustainability of improvement initiatives
  • Built in culture for data driven decision making

The Results

Minton’s effort changed the way people managed their workplace. Company could able to improve the production by 16% and reduce conversion cost by 10%.

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