The company

Renowned integrated PU coaching center in Bengaluru | Four rounds of funding by domestic and international PE Funds.

Problem Statement

A de-growth trend was observed in student enrollments after two decades of straight growth. Reasons for de-growth were speculative in nature, ranging from delivery of coaching to competitor aggression.

Approach by Minton

  • Extensive surveys to formulate stakeholder preferences, needs and expectations from a PU/Coaching institute across different stakeholder groups
  • More surveys and mystery shopping to identify satisfaction of various stakeholder groups enrolled in the company vs. its competitors.
  • Net Promotor score of the company and its competitors on key factors that influence decisions

The Results

The survey picked up key insights that identified various stakeholder preferences, key decision-making influencers and perception of students and parents regarding delivery reputation of the institute vs. competition. The Market Research project and contributions by Minton provided the much-needed ingredient in Management’s strategic decision-making. The institute and its investors now look at Minton as a partner to provide continued support in their journey.

Below are some of the insights from the survey

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