Problem statement – One of the leading restaurant chains in Hyderabad was facing issues of lower revenue and higher cost, which resulted in negative EBITA. Client hired us to assess the issue and implement the overall transformational project for improvement.

Approach – Using our in house developed cause and effect methodology we arrived at various factors which resulted in the poor performance. We involved team in this exercise to create positive tension. We then created organisation’s business goals based on the balanced score card, which then drilled down to all levels so that their goals are aligned with the business goals. Various processes were redesigned and systems made to improvement purchase cost, inventory, waste, planning food preparation and customer experience. Strategy was made and work breakdown structure approach was used for increasing the sales. Review mechanism was set and robust management control system was implemented

Result –

Sales growth 20% YOY

EBITA improvemnet by 12%

Customer experience improved. Zomato ratings above 4.5 for all restaurants.

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