Problem statement – Manufacturing head of a Asian Paints plant was struggling with higher cost of production, mainly due to higher manhours for each activity, which was leading lower efficiency. They wanted to improve the efficiency by fair means and improving the overall process.

Our Approach – Minton took up this assignment as Rapid intervention and in 90 days mapped their various processes and submitted agreed upon solutions for improving the efficiency

  • Minute by minute observation of activities in 80% of production batches to map the complete task list
  • Using principles of Lean to categorize all activities and associate them with productivity and value add metrics
  • Consultants perspective in each activity – critically introspecting each activity, identifying reducing non value adding elements and brain storming to find best alternatives to reduce
  • Redesigning norms using improved activities, small automation, modifying material movement and reorganizing roles and responsibilities
  • Designed system to reduce setup time

Results – 16% cost saving per unit of output

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